STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND -  Zeitschrei  | Trost Records  2013-1

The swiss trio, energetic and innovative border crossers between Hardcore and Avantgarde, plays compositions of Michael Wertmüller (drummer of Peter Brötzmann’s FULL BLAST outfit, Ex-Alboth!) – breath-taking, radical, exact.
Dominik Blum: Hammond C3 Organ
Marino Pliakas: Ebass
Lucas Niggli: Drums

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Recorded live at Powerplay Studios (Mauer/CH) by Andy Neresheimer in September 2012
Mixed by Gareth Jones (London) January 2013
Mastered by Martin Siewert (Wien) February 2013
Produced by Peter Bürli
Artwork by Lutz & Guggisberg

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