The Swiss trio: energetic and innovative border crossers between Hardcore and Avantgarde – breath-taking, radical, exact.

The «Hammond Avantcore Trio» Steamboat Switzerland is a damn wild and absolutely virtuoso band. They tour worlwide and played a wide range of different festivals - from «Donaueschinger Musiktage» and «Moers Festival» to Patti Smith's «London Meltdown Festival» etc. 
The group combines elements from jazz, metal and contemporary scores. The sounds exchange between «Dark Power Ambient» and «Boulez On The Rocks».


Dominik Blum - hammond organ (opt. piano, Korg MS20 synthesizer, Hohner clavinet)
Marino Pliakas - electric bass (opt. acoustic guitar, double bass)
Lucas Niggli - drums


Founded in 1995. Ever since independent in their own management.
To date several hundreds of performances and some 8 albums.
Concerts in the US, Canada, China, South Africa, Mozambique, Russia, Georgia and nearly all of Europe.
Rare guest appearances or cooperations with a.o. Stephan Wittwer, Michael Wertmüller, John Cale, David Dramm, Eugene Robinson.
Several prices (City of Zurich, Swiss Music Award Nomination)
Labels: Unit, Moon, Grob, D.B.Waves, Trost


1996. Toden Festival - Zurich, CH (first STSW concert ever!)
1997. UNIT-Festival - Paris, France
1998. Musikfestwochen - Winterthur, CH
1998. Night of the Unexpected, Melkweg - Amsterdam, Netherlands
1999. Ear We Are Festival - Biel, CH
1999. Gaudeamus Festival, Bimhuis - Amsterdam, Netherlands
2000. Jazzfestival - Schaffhausen, CH
2000. Int. Jazzfestival Vancouver - Canada
2000. Tonic NYC and Hot House Series Chicago - USA
2000. STV Festival - St. Moritz, CH
2000. Werner Lüdi Memorlial Festival - Chur, CH
2000. Tage für Neue Musik Festival - Zurich, CH
2000. November Music - Gent/Essen/s’Hertogenbosch, Belgium/Germany/Netherlands
2001. Rumor Festival, Ekko - Utrecht, Netherlands
2001. Domino Festival, AB (supp. act to  John Parish meets Portishead) - Brussels, Belgium
2001. Kaleidophon Festival - Ulrichsberg, Austria
2001. Moers Festival - Moers, Germany
2001. Ultima Festival - Oslo, Norway
2001. Audio Art Festival - Cracow, Poland
2002. SKIF Festival - St.Petersburg, Russia
2002. Expo02 - Biel, CH
2002. Moers Festival - Moers, Germany
2002. Taktlos Festival - Bern (+ Eugene Robinson)
2002. LEM Festival - Barcelona, Spain
2002. DisTronics #2 - Eindhoven, Netherlands
2003. Nozart Festival - Cologne, Germany
2003. STSW Extended Ensemble plays Orange Slice by David Dramm at Moers Festival - Moers, Germany
2003. Jazzfestival - Mulhouse, France
2003. November Music Festival - s’Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
2004. Mediawave Festival - Györ, Hungary
2004. Musik Triennale - Cologne, Germany
2005. Intern. PAM-Festival - Uster (+ Phil Minton, Xu Fengsia and more)
2005. Uncool Festival - Poschiavo, CH
2005. Contemporary Music Festival - Magnitogorsk, Russia
2005. Peace Harvest Festival - Tbilissi/Kutaissi/Batumi, Georgia
2005. Huddersfield/Contemporary Music Festival - Huddersfield, UK
2005. Termite Club Festival - Leeds, UK
2006. Mozartfestival - Augsburg, Germany
2006. International Music Festival - Brno, Czech Republic
2006. Indaba New Music Festival - Grahamstown, Sout Africa
2006. Indaba New Music Festival - Maputo, Mozambique
2006. Klangbad Festival - Scheer, Germany
2006. Interface Festival - Berlin, Germany (+ Michael Wertmüller and Lieder)
2006. Donaueschinger Musiktage, Premiere of get out of my room, new composition by Felix Profos - Donaueschingen, Germany
. Enjoy Jazz Festival - Ludwigshafen, Germany
2006. Rura Jazz Festival - Wroclaw, Poland
2007. MaerzMusik Festival - Berlin, Germany
2008. International Jazzfestivals - Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Montreal - Canada
2008. Tampere Jazz Happening - Tampere, Finland
2009. Musica Viva Festival, Muffathalle - Munich, Germany
2010. Jazz em Agosto - Lisbon, Portugal
2010. Tonlagen Festival, STSW plays "Wertmüller" - Dresden-Hellerau, Germany
2011. Jazz Tage Bludenz - Bludenz, Austria
2011. MaerzMusik Festival, Trafo/Tresor, STSW/ Ensemble Courage play "Lichtzeiten" by Wertmüller/Lillevan - Berlin, Germany
2011. Lucerne Festival, KKL, STSW „play Wertmüller“ - Lucerne, CH
2012. Jazzfestival - Saalfelden, Austria
2012. Spunk - Zurich, CH
2013. Exil - Zurich, CH
2013. L´ARME! Festival, Radialsystem - Berlin, Germany
2013. STSW Extended Ensemble plays Orange Slice by David Dramm at Tage für Neue Musik Festival - Zurich, CH
2013. Two nights at Porgy&Bess: Portrait Michael Wertmüller feat. STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND - Vienna, Austria
2014. MaerzMusik Festival, AdK, "Anschlag", opera by Michael Wertmüller feat. STSW - Berlin, Germany
2015. EarWeAre Festival – Biel, CH
2015. Jazzfestival Schaffhausen – Schaffhausen, CH
2015. Nya Perspektiv Festival - Västeras, Sweden
2015. Jazzherbst – Dachau, Germany 
2016. STSW Extended Ensemble plays Orange Slice by David Dramm at Teatro Viriato - Viseu, Portugal
2016. STSW/Klangforum Wien play "discorde" by Michael Wertmüller and "Cold Cadaver With Thirteen Scary Scars" by Bernhard Gander: Donaueschinger Musiktage, Donauhallen - Donaueschingen, Germany (premiere) and Wiener Konzerthaus/Mozart-Saal - Vienna, Austria
2017. Anriss-Festival - Hamburg, Germany
2017. Schlossmediale at Herzog&deMeuron Mountain Summit Station - Werdenberg, Switzerland


1998. 1st CD: STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND “Live” (Unit 4104)
1998. Compositions by Sam Hayden, Salzhaus - Winterthur
1999. January. Tour Germany
1999. September. Tour Netherlands/Belgium
1999. Novermber/December. Tour Germany/Hungary/Slovakia/Austria
2000. June/July. Tour USA/CAN
2000. Werkjahr/Music Award by the City of Zurich, CH
2000. November Music Festival (Gent, Essen, s’Hertogenbosch): STSW Extended Ensemble plays Orange Slice by David Dramm
2001. February-March. Tour Netherlands/Germany/Belgium
2001. 2nd CD: STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND “Budapest” (GROB 315)
2001. 3rd CD/Vinyl: STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND “ac/dB[hayden]” (GROB 316)
2001. 7"-Vinyl-Single: STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND “unknown song/zone” (feat. Simone Vollenweider, voc.)
2001. November. Tour Germany/Austria/Czech Republic/Slovakia/Poland
2001/2002. STSW Extended Ensemble plays Orange Slice by David Dramm - Leeuwarden/Groningen/Bern/Winterthur/Biel/Zurich, Netherlands/CH
2002. January. Tour Netherlands
2002. June. Tour Austria/Germany
2002, November. Tour Spain
2002. STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND/Pierre Huyghe(F)/Tyler Whisnand(USA), SSCL214 (DVD, “loud&clear”, Bifrons/Amsterdam 2002). Presentation at Baltic Mill - Gateshead, UK
2002. December. Tour Germany/Netherlands
2003, March. Tour Belgium/Germany
2003. STSW Extended Ensemble plays "large composition no.1" by Felix Profos - Aarau/Winterthur
2003. November: Tour France/Belgium/Netherlands
2004. STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND/Pierre Huyghe(F)/Tyler Whisnand(USA), SSCL214 (DVD, “loud&clear”, Bifrons). Presentation In Paris and Istanbul
2004, April-May. Tour Hungary/Germany/Netherlands
2004. De Volharding Orkest/Steamboat Switzerland play “Madame Blavatsky” by David Dramm - Amsterdam/Den Haag/Utrecht/Basel/Zurich/Dornbirn - Netherlands/CH/Austria
2004. November Tour China
2004. December Tour Croatia/Slovenia
2005. March Tour Germany/Netherlands
2005. 4th CD: STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND “Wertmueller” (GROB 655)
2005. De Volharding Orkest/Steamboat Switzerland play “Madame Blavatsky” by David Dramm at Muziekgebouw - Amsterdam, Netherlands
2005. UK-London/ Royal Festival Hall Patti Smith”s Meltdown Festival : The music of John Cale with special friends Flea, Nick Franglen, Josh Pollock, David Dramm, STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND - as the Meatgrinders!
2005. September. Tour Slovenia/Croatia/Bosnia-Herceg./Hungary/Czech Republic
2005. October. Tour Russia/Georgia
2005. November. Tour Netherlands, UK
2006. March. Tour Germany/Austria/Czech Republic/Netherlands/Belgium
2006. June. Tour Southafrica/Mozambique
2006. September/October. Tour Germany

2006. November. Tour Poland
2007. January. Tour Germany/Austria
2007. 5th CD: STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND “Zone 2” (GROB 859)
2007, June. Tour Germany/Netherlands
2007. Holland-Festival, BIM-Huis: STSW Extended Ensemble plays "Orange Slice" and the "The Last Jukebox on Earth" by David Dramm - Amsterdam, Netherlands (+ Louis Andriessen, Anne La Berge, Cor Fuhler, Peter van Bergen and others)
2008. January/February. Tour Germany/Austria/France
2008. June. Tour USA/CAN
2008. August-September. Tour CH/Germany/Austria (Part of the tour: STSW Extended Ensemble plays compositions by Felix Profos
2010. 6th CD: STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND / Felix Profos “Get out of my Room” (GROB 961)
2011. March. Tour Austria/Germany
2012. February. STSW Extended Ensemble plays "Sederunt Principes" by Marc Kilchenmann: 4 shows in Bern/Zurich/Chur/Basel, CH
2012. April - 2013, March. STSW I-XII/XII: monthly show at Walcheturm - Zurich, CH
2012. August. Tour Austria/Germany
2013. 7th CD: STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND Extended /Marc Kilchenmann: "Sederunt Principes" (D.B.Waves 001)
2013. 8th CD/Vinyl STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND/ Michael Wertmüller, "Zeitschrei" (Trost Records, TR117)
2013. "Anschlag", opera by Michael Wertmüller feat. STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND premiered at Lucerne Festival and Basel Theater, CH
2013. November. Tour CH/Germany/Austria
2014. Nomination for Swiss Music Award
2014. October/2015, January/2016, September.  "Das Allmachtsrohr", a tribute to Adolf Wölfli, opera-theater by Helena Winkelman (comp.) and Meret Matter (dir.) feat. STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND plus carinet, violin and four actors. Premiered at Dampfzentrale Bern, Gare du Nord Basel, Lokremise St.Gallen, Theater Rigiblick Zürich CH
2015. February. Tour CH, France, Belgium
2015. September/October. «Weine nicht, singe», opera by Michael Wertmüller, libretto: Dea Loher, direction: Jette Steckl. feat. STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND, Josef Ostendorf, Ruth Rosenfeld, Holger Falk, Jürgen Sacher, Tina Keserovic plus clar, vl va, vc (from Ens. Resonanz), premiere plus 8 performances at Hamburger Staatsoper
2016. March and May Tour France/CH/Germany/Netherlands
2017. May- Dec. «Valentin», opera-theatre by Michael Wertmüller and Herbert Fritsch, feat. STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND, Jazz-Haus-Bigband, Josef Ostendorf, Ruth Rosenfeld, Jonas Hien, Yorck Dippe, Hubert Wild, Gala Othro Winter, Michael Weber, Bettina Stucky, Bastian Reiber, premiere (May 28) plus many performances at Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg